Bilingual with English-Spanish

CA HERS 2 Energy Consultant

BPI Certified Building Analyst and Envelope Pro

EPA Lead Certified

Over 30 years experience remodeling and inspecting homes/buildings in the Imperial Valley.

National Home Inspector Exam Graduate

Licenses and Certifications:

Other services Available

Pre-Listing Inspection

Remedy problems before they become issues with your buyer.  Don't risk losing your buyer by eroding their confidence in you and the property.

CA Contractor License# 911186:

   General Building, Electrical, Air Conditioning,

   Plumbing, Insulation, Energy Conservation

Your Inspector

Electrical Safety Audit

If you just want to make sure that your new home is electrically safe, we can just look at the electrical components.  We will inspect: polarity of outlets, presence of grounds, GFCI safety receptacles, safety shut-offs for appliances, over-loaded panels, discolored conductors, and wire coverings.